Silkscreen FAQ

Which side of the silkscreen goes “down”?

The shiny side of the silkscreen should be down, and against the surface of your clay or other craft project. If you can read the writing on the silkscreen, you have it right!

Can I use my silkscreen with mica powders?

Absolutely! Mica works great with our silkscreens.

How do I clean my silkscreen?

As soon as you’re finished using your screen you should place it in a dish of cool water with a drop or two of dish soap. This keeps your paint from drying on your screen and clogging it up. As soon as you can, you should take your screen to your washout sink and rinse it well under cool to luke warm water. If you find you have some stubborn spots, you can use a gentle sponge to wipe the screen on the DULL SIDE ONLY.

After the screen is well cleaned, lay it flat, shiny side UP to dry. Do not stack silkscreens while wet. Wait for your screen to dry completely before using again.

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