Polymer Clay Cutters FAQ

What are your cutters made from?

All our cutters are made from food safe, PLA plastic.

Do you make your cutters?

Yes. We design and 3d print all our cutters in our small, in house workshop.

How thin is the cutting edge on your clay cutters?

Our cutters have a .4mm wide cutting edge. While they’re not as thin as metal cutters, at .4mm the edges are thin enough to cut through clay and give a fairly clean edge. You may find that you have a bit of edge cleanup depending on the shape of the cutter.

How do I clean my polymer clay cutters?

Cleaning your cutters is easy. Simply wipe them down after use with a clean cloth.  I find the easiest option is a baby wipe. If you want to wash them, use only luke warm water and dish soap. Never put your cutters in the dishwasher. Heat can cause warping and damage.

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