We’ve Done It Again…

Some days you feel like nothing goes right, that’s how it’s been for me the last couple days.

Not long ago we had website problems and I hired a tech team to fix those issues, they assured me…as they were racing to the bank to cash my check…that all the problems were fixed. Everything was peachy. No more problems. No more headaches. No more missing tickets. No more missing emails.

That sounded heavenly!! Finally, all the problems were solved and life could go back to normal. Yeah, right!

Over the last several days I started seeing messages and random emails asking me “why aren’t you replying to me?” “why haven’t you responded to my ticket?” “your customer service sucks!” I couldn’t understand what was going on. I couldn’t possibly be having these problems again! The tech guys ASSURED me, they fixed it all!

Obviously, they didn’t! I’m not a huge company with a team of IT guys on the payroll to deal with these issues for me, and I was tired of paying out good money for little results.

So, I did what had to be done. I spent the last few days in front of my computer and started at the bottom and rebuilt EVERYTHING from the ground up. I discovered along the way that all this time the problems were tied to the website theme and extensions it needed to function. After gutting everything and rebuilding it all, I spent all of today doing extensive testing on the website, email system, and ticket system.

To those of you who helped me test everything, thank you SO MUCH! To those of you who made me aware that we were still having problems, thank you SO MUCH! To those of you who yelled at me, thank you as well! Without you, I wouldn’t have known we were having problems again.

The new layout and design should be much faster loading, easier to navigate, cleaner looking, and best of all…it doesn’t interfere with our support system extension!

Having a small business is a joy, and I’m so very thankful that I’m able to do what I love and pay the bills. Some days though…like the last couple, it’s a real challenge to find issues, fix the issues, and try to keep up with everything else as well. I can’t tell you all how very much I appreciate your support and patience!

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