It’s Time For A Makeover

It’s time, I mean, really time….the cutter designs have been in need of a much-needed makeover for quite awhile now.

I put it off and put it off, over and over again. Why? Well, because it’s such a daunting task. With over 200 shapes and several sizes in each shape, it would take quite a bit of time to redesign every last cutter in our shop!

This past week I finally started the process and it’s going much quicker than I had anticipated! Mostly because my amazing hubby has taken over almost all the household duties while I sit at the computer and redo all our design! So if you see my hubby on social media, be sure to give him a big thanks! Without him, I’d be lost and couldn’t do half the things I do!

Anywho…enough about why I put it off and how I”ve finally started the process. I’m guessing you’re more interested in the details right? Right!

I’ve gotten rid of the “inner” base wall, this means when you look down into the cutter you can see up to the cutting edge, there’s no more “ledge” inside there to block your view of the clay. You’ll always know exactly where you’re cutting and can get the perfect cut every time.

I’ve also reworked the cutter “wall” – the cutting wall is now thinner and slightly tapered. You’re going to get a much cleaner cut with the new design. We’ve tried to make the cutting edge sharper, just about .4 mm. Thin enough to cut nicely, but not so thin that we risk breakage when cutting.

From today on, when you order cutters they will be with the new design! So I hope you enjoy them and if they work better for you, please let me know.


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